“What is Letterforms, anyway?” you might ask.

Or you could ask, “What are Letterforms?”

In the singular, a letter form (or letterform) is defined as the shape of a letter used in typography, calligraphy, paleography, and epigraphy. Letterforms, then, are multiples of typographic elements, including not just letters, but also numerals, symbols, and punctuation. The use of letterforms must date back to people’s first use of a stylus on stone.

But today, in our business name Letterforms is a singular noun. And we are not just grammatically singular; we hold a singular position among graphic design and production firms.

At Letterforms, we go beyond the shapes of letters: We help clients by shaping their organizational images, logos, text, preferences for colors and graphic impressions, and communication objectives into the ideal publications for their needs. It is our mission to create for each client the document layout that will best convey his or her message to the desired audience with clarity, readability, and aesthetic appeal.

Here on the Letterforms Web site, you will find information about how we started the company and the array of services we can provide. You can visit the portfolio pages to see examples of our design capabilities and production jobs.

Click the Contact button to find out how Letterforms can make your brochures, posters, reports, newsletters, and other information products into effective communication tools for your organization.


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